During a typical workday people engage in a variety of activities such as arranging meetings, checking emails and so on. Such activities typically require mental effort and prolonged engagement that can lead to psychological and physiological reactions, consequently generating strain and fatigue. A key element of replenishing vital mental energy is “psychological detachment”.

This refers to the act of mentally switching off from work during non-working hours, and requires the absence of all work-related thoughts and activities.

The SwitchOff project aims at helping managers and VET trainers acquire the appropriate competencies and knowledge on how to facilitate recovery in the workplace and help remote workers disconnect from work and restore their personal resources (emotional, cognitive, physical) at the end of their working day.

The SwitchOff project focuses on assisting remote workers and managers on how to effectively use ICTs and disconnect from work, during non-work hours.

Partners will create a set of activities, including a Toolkit, training programme, an e-learning platform (including a self-evaluation tool) with rich material and practices on how to best recover from work.