MEDIAWISE aims to foster active European citizenship and to improve conditions for civic and democratic participation at EU level by raising citizens’ awareness of national and EU level initiatives to counter fake news and online disinformation.

The project will organise online and onsite events firstly to understand citizens’ attitude, habits, needs and ideas about fake news online especially considering the amount of fake news emerged during COVID19.

Consequently, experts will discuss these results in order to organize intergenerational events and debates:

● Contributing to a better understanding of the fields of media literacy and critical thinking within the European perspective through citizens engagement at European level

● Outreaching to EU citizens and raising awareness about fake news in Europe today and their impact on democracy.

● Stimulating an active debate with citizens at European level to foster a better understanding of different perspectivesMEDIAWISE will have an intergenerational approach targeting both older people and young adults who equally face a distinct set of challenges when encountering information online and offline.