Participation in community and  social activities is beneficial for a young person’s health and development, including those living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Yet so far, inclusion projects have been primarily focused on youth with physical disabilities and little attention is directed to youth with ASD and their inclusion in youth initiatives in their communities. In order to tackle this issue, there is a high need for the upskilling of local and community youth organizations in order for them to be able to include youth with ASD in their initiatives and match their services with this present and future need to support the psychosocial development and independence of people with ASD.

The project aims at providing youth workers and youth organizations with a new, innovative and accessible learning opportunity on ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). More specifically, the project’s objectives are:

- To support the participation of ASD youth in youth organizations’ activities

 -To increase the attractiveness and accessibility of youth work for ASD youth

- To provide the necessary training methodology and tools to youth workers in order to include ASD youth in their work

- To provide organizational support to youth organizations to include ASD youth in their initiatives by upskilling their administrative and management staff

- To provide youth training opportunities adjusted to ASD needs