The BAS project is a three years collaborative Erasmus+ project, comprised of seven EU partners in which its implementation is expected to contribute in developing and enhancing civil servants’ digital skills but also in improving business attraction and inward investment promotion by the local authorities/municipalities, at national and EU level. The project boundaries extent to a degree that allows the followings:

Firstly, to equip managers and civil servants from Municipalities with digital competencies in the field of business attraction following the identification and analysis of training needs of the target groups. Through this analysis, a deeper understanding of what the target groups are lacking both in term of digital competencies and business attraction will be developed, as well as what expectations arise from the online training module and toolbox.

Secondly, to exchange and identify innovative experiences on business attraction strategies among municipalities in Europe, following the creation of a Business Attraction Toolbox. The toolbox will focus on how to organize and manage the Business Attraction capabilities and how to bring together different factors in attracting, welcoming and supporting investments. Last but not least, the project will develop an e-course on Digital Business Attraction. This e-course will consist of online training modules in aid of managers and civil servants, strengthening their skills in business attraction and building digital strategies to improve business attractiveness of the cities.