Balkan-Med Air Application
Balkan-Med Air Application

About Balkan-Med Air Application

The Balkan-Med Air App is an intelligent application developed within the Interreg Balkan-Med Project "AIRTHINGS", co-funded by the European Union and national funds of the participating countries, European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The App was developed for general use and provides available information on air pollution and specific air pollutants. At the same time, through pop-up tips, it engages users in monitoring and, more importantly, reducing air pollution. In addition, the app visualises the data collected from the air quality IoT sensors located in five Balkan-Mediterranean countries, including Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia and Albania.

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Released on: 15/10/2020

Features: HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Cordova, Adobe Illustrator, MySQL