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As part of the ODISSEU project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, CARDET produced an interactive digital learning ecosystem to promote acceptance, openness and understanding of diversity.

Specifically, among other deliverables, the Centre has developed a series of interactive eLearning courses to illustrate the experience of young refugees. These innovative courses, utilise storytelling to help the user elevate their awareness and conception of the issue, as well as develop necessary life skills. Users can see the refugees’ journey from the moment they leave their country of origin until the moment they arrive in their host country, where they will seek asylum. At certain points in each story, the user is given different options to choose from when making a decision. These options determine the storyline progression later on. The use of interactive storytelling can reinforce empathy in young students through the experience of starting the journey, the journey itself, overcoming the obstacles they encounter, and the stress refugees experience daily.

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Tags: eLearning Course

Project: ODISSEU

URL: www.odisseu-project.eu/learning-materials

Released on: 31/08/2021

Features: Articulate Storyline, Illustrator