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About Empowering You

Through the workings of the Erasmus+ EmpoweringYou project, an eLearning platform was produced to support the education and training of young EU citizens on democratic principles, as well as facilitate discussions about democracy, access to rights and active participation.

The platform hosts a gamified course comprising 3 blocks with 6 missions, covering Social Issues (Migration, Disabilities), Civic Participation (Volunteering, Youth Voting) and the Environment (Waste Management, Climate Change). The platform is based on Moodle LMS and it is fully customised. Therefore, the user experience is completely different compared to other Moodle platforms, since it feels more like a game rather than a Learning Management System. Stunning and modern graphics are used, to further captivate the learner and to provide an immersive experience. Finally, gamification techniques are also used to boost the user’s return to the platform, as well as interest in the training material.

Additional Info

Tags: eLearning Platform

Project: Empowering You

URL: www.empoweringyouproject.eu

Released on: 30/04/2019

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Moodle, Adobe Illustrator