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About EntrInnO

To fulfil and further its objective and contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe, EntrInnO, a project funded by the European Commission, developed an online education hub that utilises a gamified approach to help young EU citizens improve their knowledge and skills.

EntrInnO’s platform employs innovative ICT-based educational approaches and gaming as a novel form of non-formal learning practice to support adult learners to build up their entrepreneurship skills. The platform is based on Moodle LMS, and it is fully customised. Therefore, the user experience is completely different compared to other Moodle platforms, since it feels more like a game rather than a Learning Management System.

Additional Info

Tags: eLearning Platform

Project: EntrInnO

URL: www.entrinno.org/game

Released on: 31/10/2017

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Moodle, Adobe Illustrator