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About DiCultYouth

The “DiCultYouth for a European digital economy” eLearning course teaches the histories, methods, and theories in Digital Culture, and supports learners in developing practical skills that will allow them to pursue a career in the cultural industry. The eLearning programme comprises thematic and self-paced learning modules. Each module consists of non-formal learning activities, educational tools, background texts, references and direct web-based links to offer learners extensive knowledge and holistic understanding of the field. DiCultYouth courses also feature a series of interactive games for the learner. These games utilise storytelling and incorporate gamification techniques to engage the learners and help them in acquiring the knowledge presented.

Additional Info

Tags: eLearning Course

Project: DiCultYouth (??)

URL: www.dicultyouth.eu/platform

Released on: 2020

Features: Articulate Storyline, Plotagon, Illustrator