Euroinvestment eLearning course Euroinvestment eLearning course
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About EuroInvestment

The Euroinvestment game is specifically tailored to the needs of low skilled adults seeking to foster their financial literacy.

The game consists of 15 mini-games about financial management, covering multiple aspects in the field to help learners attain a thorough conception of finances and income management. These mini-games offer different levels of complexity, aligned with the topics presented. The learners can pursue their learning by putting different concepts into practice at their own pace, pleasantly and interactively. Each game features a unique and gamified story. The learners become the main characters of these stories since they are asked to select between choices that matter and can be easily correlated to real-life situations.

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Tags: eLearning Course

Project: Euroinvestment (??)


Released on: 2020

Features: Articulate Storyline, Plotagon, Illustrator