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For the needs of the Shanarani project, co-funded by Erasmus+, a user-friendly website was developed to host and provide access to online tools that raise awareness and promote gender equality, as well as tackle gender stereotyping.

On the project’s website, trainers and youth workers can access several resources, including three handbooks with more information on gender stereotypes and gender equality. The website's unique navigation draws the user’s attention, as the various deliverables and information are being revealed in a story-like way. This custom navigation takes advantage of the user’s keyboard instead of just the user’s mouse. Despite that, the website is fully compatible with all browsers and works seamlessly on both portable and mobile devices, as well as on personal computers.

Additional Info

Tags: Website

Project: Shanarani


Released on: 31/03/2019

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Joomla, Adobe Illustrator