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About GoGreen

As part of the GoGreen project, a user-friendly website has been created to facilitate and support the communication of the main aims and objectives of the project. The website was produced to serve as an interactive digital learning ecosystem and host an eLearning platform that features a comprehensive collection of online learning resources and an innovative Massive Open Online Course. Moreover, it incorporates captivating and engaging designs, as well as interactive features to offer users a friendly browsing experience.

The website is based on Joomla! CMS and it includes several JavaScript Frameworks that make the website more appealing and interactive, while the graphics and icons presented on the website were created using Adobe’s Illustrator.

Additional Info

Tags: Website

Project: GoGreen (??)

URL: www.gogreen-project.eu

Released on: ??

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Joomla, Adobe Illustrator