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About 3CS

The 3CS project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme features a website aimed towards young people. Based on the needs of this specific target group, it is a colourfully illustrated website created in an animated style. The 3CS website is fully responsive and works flawlessly on both mobile devices and PCs, providing for easy navigation. The engaging and easy to follow website allows users to explore and benefit from all the resources and tools provided.

The website is based on Joomla! CMS and it includes several JavaScript Frameworks that make the website more appealing and interactive, while the graphics and icons presented on the website were created using Adobe’s Illustrator.

Additional Info

Tags: Website

Project: 3CS

URL: www.3csproject.eu

Released on: 31/01/2022

Features: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Joomla, Adobe Illustrator