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ACTIVE’s training programme is a comprehensive online course developed via the ‘Strengthening Policies in Sports and Leisure Activities focused on Children’ project, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). The training programme has been developed as an online course and provides a thorough presentation of key notions and concepts on Children Safeguarding and the protection of children’s rights.

The courses have been developed based on the particular needs of adult learners, incorporating simulations and real-world examples that allow them to help in the creation of a safe environment for children in sports. Navigation is simple and linear, giving the learner the opportunity to focus on the training material. At the same time, based on the kinesthetic nature of the learners, an abundance of interactive elements has been incorporated in order to increase their engagement with the material.

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Tags: eLearning Course

Project: ACTIVE


Released on: 2021

Features: Articulate Rise, After Effects, Photoshop