Sectors we serve

One of our strength’s is our interdisciplinary approach and ability to bring together sectors and disciplines in ways that are meaningful and with the potential to bring about change. We serve clients representing a variety of stakeholders including public authorities, private organizations, civil society, non-profit organizations, large enterprises and SMEs. Sectors we serve include:


    Including early childhood, primary, secondary, higher, Vocational Education & Training, and professional education

Social justice

    Inclusion, migration, integration of marginalized groups, peace, and development education

Energy, environment and sustainable development

    Energy sectors and competency mapping, environmental education, campaigning and awareness raising, and sustainable development

Innovation and entrepreneurship

    Creativity, innovation and strategic visioning infusing innovation across sectors and supporting entrepreneurship


    Learning design and development, web, mobile apps and custom learning solutions


    Social practices covering a multitude of disciplines and the multiple meanings of literacy


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