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Welcome to DECENT Newsletter #2 - October 2018


What is DECENT about?

The project DECENT “Digital strategies of Enhancement of the basic skills among adults as a ChancE to fight agaiNst functional illiTeracy” aims at increasing the effectiveness of the fight against functional illiteracy among low qualified adults who are at risk of a social exclusion in Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Spain and Italy.

The project is funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme, Key action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices): Strategic Partnership for Adult Education.


Its main targets are low-skilled adults who are at risk of a social exclusion (long-term unemployed, people at risk of poverty, low-educated people), but also institutions that support and care for adults at risk of social exclusion (adult education centres, social care institutions, adult schools, third-age universities, associations that support the fight against functional illiteracy and social exclusion) providing them with a very useful set of tools for their work.


What's new about the project? The presentation of the results of the questionnaire


All partners have conducted national surveys in their countries. A questionnaire which investigates the job seeking, communication, numerical calculation, general understanding and IT competences, as well as family literacy issues has been administered to low-qualified adults trying to understand which are in general the main weaknesses and points of strengths of the target group.


Additionally, two workshops have been organised in each partner’s country with adult education centres, schools for adults, third age universities, associations which support the fight against functional illiteracy, education departments in local and regional governments.


While the first workshop introduced the project, presenting its general activities, the second workshop has concerned the questionnaire research and its main results.


This second workshop has also represented an important occasion to discuss the main findings of the project, sharing the impressions and opinions on the questionnaire and to discuss the content of the Course. Representatives of the target group of low-skilled adults have been also invited to attend the second workshop or a separate one.


The third transnational meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria

The 3rd and 4th of July the partners of DECENT have met for their third transnational meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria.


“What has been already done, which have been the products and the results achieved and which other outcomes are expected in the upcoming months and how” have been some of the topics of the meeting, which has been held at the Know and Can Ltd. office, in the heart of the city.


The meeting has given partners the opportunity to talk and share feedbacks and suggestions on the next project steps.

A special focus has been given to the expected outcomes which will be soon developed.

In the next months, partners will work on the production of six modules for the course “Decent life without illiteracy”, whose time-line, structure and contents division have been defined in this occasion.



What's next?

The national surveys conducted in each partner’s country will allow to compare the findings collected, thus improving our understanding of the main aspects and areas which may need specific intervention.

The results collected will also serve as basis for the development of the six-modules course “Decent Life without Illiteracy” - a course that will be used by adult educators as a standalone textbook for classes aiming at eliminating functional illiteracy – and for the eTool, a collaborative e-learning platform and digital resource  with possibility to interlink pages and topics, include external resources and comments, to contribute to combating functional illiteracy.

In the upcoming months, each partner will produce a selected module for the course “Decent life without illiteracy”.

The next partners meeting will be on the 6th and 7th of November in Cyprus and it will be an additional valuable occasion to analyse the achieved results and the next steps to be taken.


Do you want to know more about DECENT results?


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For any additional information on the courses and digital tools which will be soon developed, please contact Anca Socolovschi, Project Coordinator:


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