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Digital, Social, and Civic Competences Development for Adult Educators Working with Migrants and Refugees – DiSoCi

Europe needs more cohesive and inclusive societies which allow citizens to play an active role in democratic life. Education and youth work are key to prevent violent radicalization by promoting common European values, fostering social integration, enhancing inter-cultural understanding and a sense of belonging within a community. Refugees, migrants and other diversified groups need to be trained and integrated to the society they are planning to stay. To solve this problem, adult educators need to extend and develop necessary competences. This is also important for having high quality learning opportunities through a particular study program created for their competences development.

DiSoCi encourages competences development for adult educators working with migrants, refugees and other diversified groups in the Europe. Education at all levels is a key part of the integration process for migrants. According to the Strategic framework – Education & Training 2020 Adult learning is crucial for migrants as they may require different skills from those that they used in their countries of origin for their new careers. It can also help equip people working with migrants with digital, social and civic competences, easing the integration process for everyone involved. Therefore, the project objectives are:

  1. To evaluate the level of adult's educators competences to work with migrants and refugees;
  2. To encourage the continuing and professional development of adult educator's by using the innovative education models and Open Education Recourses (OER) for their digital, social and civic competences development;
  3. To increase the motivation and reduce disparities in learning outcomes of migrants, refugees and other diversified groups by suggesting a digital program for competences development.

To meet the above mentioned needs and implement the objectives, the partnership will prepare 3 intellectual outputs:

  1. Assessment model
  2. Study program
  3. E-repository

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