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Us&Them-2nd Project Meeting in Ireland

The 2nd meeting for the project “Us&Them” was held in Drogheda, Ireland at the beginning of April 2016. The consortium presented the research findings from the national reports and discussed about the topics that arose and how these topics could be incorporated in the Curriculum for the AE educators which is one of the deliverables of the project.

During the meeting partners shared a lot of creative and innovative ideas related to the design of the Curriculum and the Handbook I “The Adult Educator’s Handbook: a new approach of multiculturalism and religion for peaceful and rightful coexistence”. The Handbook will provide guidelines on how to acquire new skills and competences for handling misunderstandings, prejudices, stereotypes, lack of tolerance and acceptance and social tensions in multicultural and multi-ethnic groups. For more information visit the project’s website:  www.us-and-them.eu 


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