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PINECL Pedagogic Team Meeting and Partner Meeting 3

It is generally believed that parents who live in rural areas feel isolated and they don’t have the opportunities that parents in urban areas usually have. Their needs can be easily covered through the virtual world, where people with common interests can be brought together regardless of where they live. Social networks are a to service providers. This is the key message that the PINECL project will promote.

The PINECL team have been working intensely over the last months to create a training programme for parents from rural areas with pre-school children. On 20 October 2014 partners (Meath Partnership, CARDET, University of Pitesti, Oxfam Italia and ELKLAN) attended the pedagogic team meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus and they discussed about the curriculum which it was developed by them as well as the induction training programs which will take place on February 2015. The curriculum developed by Partners will be used during the training programs for parents from rural areas. During these training sessions parents will have the chance to discuss and learn about early childhood development. It is notable that these programs are accredited.

On 21st and 22nd October 2014 the third Partner Meeting took place in Nicosia, Cyprus. Meath Partnership, CARDET, University of Pitesti, Oxfam Italia, ELKLAN, ENTER and Future in Perspective – FIPL participated in this meeting. Partners discussed about Parents’ Academy and they worked on it in order to be finalised. Moreover they discussed about the interim report of PINECL project, the dissemination activities of the second year and the updated version of Quality Plan. Partners agreed to meet again on 17 and 18 February 2015 at Belfast, Northern Ireland before the training programs for parents.

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