We are extremely proud to announce that our DigiTEACH project has successfully completed its work having managed to further its mission to promote inclusive education through the integration of digital tools. Responding to the shifting realities and needs that arose due to the COVID-19 pandemic in educational systems, the project has played a significant role by deploying digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education.

Over the course of the project, CARDET worked closely with its partners from 5 European countries to help ensure, through the development of a full-suite of resources and tools, learning continuity for all school learners. Particular attention was placed on supporting students with special education needs and/or suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

To that end, the Consortium invested its work towards furthering the digital competences of teachers and to ensure that they possess the capacity to effectively utilize them in their lessons and classes. This entailed a comprehensive approach through the development and putting forwards an innovative pedagogical approach on the use of digital tools, with learning resources catered to the needs of teachers, and offering practical training opportunities to educators.

Specifically the project developed:

The DIGITEACH Platform (https://training.digi-teach.eu/ ) where school learners can acquire digital pedagogical competencies enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education and safeguarding the inclusive nature of learning opportunities .The course is free of charge and it is available in 7 languages: English, Bulgarian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIG) by enrolling on the platform, you can access a SIG of your interest and interact with participants from other countries on some specific topics related to that group. The aim is to create an EU virtual community of practice of teachers /educators.

A WEBSITE ( https://www.digi-teach.eu/ ) which will continue to work and to be regularly updated.

The DigiTEACH was a joint initiative of educational institutions and organisations from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Spain and Bulgaria. CARDET is immensely proud to have had the chance to collaborate with them and on this project whose work and objective lie at the core of its mission to ‘design innovative education programs to inspire and empower communities to thrive’.