We are happy to announce that our organisation has successfully concluded yet another innovative project on digital entrepreneurship.

Over the course of two years, it has developed a rich compendium of resources to support and promote entrepreneurship through interactive tools.

Through AppHop, whose platform remains accessible and available to everyone, learners can access a wide array of useful and practical resources and tools that can help themgrow their entrepreneurship skills.

An added value of the project was working with our excellent partners, the European Center for Quality Ltd (ECQ), Future in Perspective Limited, Osrodek szkoleniowo-badawczy INNEO, Innovation Frontiers IKE, Lancaster and Morecambe College, RightChallenge and JAITEK, to produce all the resources and the in-service training programme.

About AppHop

The project focused on the creation of 15 digital breakout resources by each partner who will use each of the 15 most popular smartphone apps by theme. Each resource addressed one of the 15 competences identified in EntreComp Framework and a series of digital breakout rooms have been produced and made available also via the project’s e-learning platform. Each individual digital breakout resource comprises a series of 4 different challenges that get incrementally more difficult to build different elements of the competence in question.

Moreover, the project pursued the development of an in-service training programme for VET tutors so as to develop their skills and competences to create their own digital breakout learning resources.