Having successfully completed all its intended work and most importantly fulfilled its set objectives, the PRISMA project has concluded its work. A project funded by the Erasmus+ programme, PRISMA brought together organisations from Germany, Denmark, Austria, Lithuania, and Cyprus to exchange practices on the offering quality educational opportunities migrants and the chance to be actively involved in the planning of trainings and learning initiatives.

Over the course of the project, the partners actively engaged organisations and integration specialists in their countries to identify and document effective approaches and methods. They also developed a good practice assessment grid and a form that will help organisations and practitioners evaluate their work and integrate practical solutions to elevate the effectiveness of their education and training offerings, as well as their capacity to include migrants in their decision-making process.

PRISMA represents yet another innovative project by CARDET as part of its continuous efforts to conduct research, develop or identify and make available interactive and engaging approaches and tools to promote learning and education. To learn more about the project’s work, review its outputs and see how effective your organisation isin engaging migrants please visit the project’s website.