Within the framework of the SOCI@LL project, CARDET facilitated the first international bench-learningevent virtually on Thursday, February 25th 2021.The event brough together participants from schools in Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, and Italy to share their experiences from implementing the  SOIC@LL educative assets.

The constructive discussion that roll-o during the event by school principals, teachers, students, and scientific experts will be crucial to polishing the SOCI@LL educative assets and maximising its impact towards creating and sustaining culturally balanced and inclusive systems inside and around schools.

SOCI@LL is built-on a five-step participatory approach, seeking to support students’ learning through culturally sensitive curricula, enhance the socio-educational and intercultural competencies of teachers in a bid to foster a democratic and inclusive culture of schools and establish cross-sectoral alliances between schools and local inclusion actors.

If you want to join this initiative, we encourage you to visit our SOCI@LL Hub and share your own experiences on this topic.

You can find more information on the project at: http://wholeschoolsociallabs.eu  

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