The DEHORS project has implemented a series of fun and engaging outdoor activities in kindergartens, designed to improve the quality of pre-school education. The implementations aimed to test and improve the activities developed by the project’s partners and provide recommendations and resources for their employment by teachers.

The activities were developed based on certain outdoor areas and learning objectives defined by partners and experts in pre-school and outdoors education. Together with recommendations, relevant literature, and curricula, they will form an Online Interactive Map, a valuable tool for pre-school teachers to foster outdoors learning and improve practices currently implemented in kindergarteners. The Online Interactive Map is expected to be available to the public in October 2020.

The DEHORS project brings together a 7-partner consortium from Cyprus, Latvia, Sweden, and Italy. The project aims to improve the learning quality in kindergartens through innovative outdoor learning and by improving the competencies of teachers in outdoor activities.

In Cyprus, the project is being implemented by the international research centre CARDET. CARDET, in collaboration with 3 public kindergartens in Nicosia and Larnaca, was responsible for the implementations of the outdoors activities in Cyprus.

Find out more information on the DEHORS project on the project’s website.

Completion of implementation phase to develop models of outdoor education Completion of implementation phase to develop models of outdoor education