CARDET’s new project, WIRES CROSSED, has officially commenced its work with the first partner meeting held in Virginia, Ireland. WIRES CROSSED, an Erasmus+ KA2 project, will run for a period of two years and seeks to empower citizens to come together and take action to tackle fake news at their local area and within their local communities.

The kick-off meeting served as an opportunity for the project partners to become better acquainted between themselves and discuss the issue at hand and how fake news take a presence and impact their local communities. Most importantly, a set work structure and work plan were put in place for the consortium to follow through for the undertaking of all the tasks at hand and the fulfilment of its goals.

During the two years that the project will run, the project partners will develop Local Media Action groups that will support and lead their efforts to educate local residents and take steps towards the formulation of local community media to promote real news. As part of this process, the partners will produce a collection of learning resources to educate and empower citizens helping them to elevate their media literacy.