The Viral Skills: Fostering Virtual Reality applications within Adult Learning to improve low skills and qualifications project has complete its first output, a viral skills report titled ViRAL Skills Survey Report of VR Applications. The report provides important information about VR technology and its applications in its aim to promote and facilitate its use in adult education, especially for low skilled and low-qualified adults.

The report lays down basic information such as key terms related to VR, while explaining concepts such as Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality and discussing their suitability with adult education. Moreover, it provides a SWOT analysis (about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) for the main hardware and software VR systems on the market, evaluating their suitability to be applied in adult education. The report also includes the main results and recommendations from the project’s national country reports for the use of VR applications in adult learning.

The ViRAL Skills project is a prime example of CARDET’s inventive approach to education that involves the development and utilization of ingenious solutions and tech-centric educational tools to further learning and skill advancement. The design and implementation of the project aligns and furthers the Centre’s commitment in carrying out initiatives, actions and projects that use innovative approaches and enterprising solutions to the address societal challenges and benefit society.

You can find the ViRAL Skills Survey Report of VR Applications in the following link: