The Ministry of Justice and Public Order (MJPO) in collaboration with the CARDET research organization is holding a seminar on Tuesday, November 26 at 8:30 am on "Youth Radicalization - The National and European Framework". The conference will be held at the Journalists' House (12 RIK Avenue, Aglantzia) and aims to present and discuss the data, challenges and measures taken to combat radicalization of young people at national and European level.

The conference will feature introductory speeches by the Director General of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order (National Anti-Terrorism Coordinator) Mr Andreas Assiotis and Assistant Chief of the Police Mr Christos Mavris. Consecutively, representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Public Order and the Prisons Department will present the National and European framework on radicalization, as well as the measures being taken in prisons in our country. Following, representatives of CARDET will present the conclusions drawn from the research they carried out for the radicalization of youth in Cyprus and across Europe, as well as how the Internet can be a field and a means of radicalization. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion with the participation of the MJPO Representative Mr Andreas Andreou, the Deputy Chief Officer of the Department of Prisons Mrs Athina Demetriou, the Ethnologist and Co-Founder of Geopolitical Cyprus Mr Yiannis Ioannou, and Youth Board of Cyprus Senior Youth Officer Mrs Maria Christodoulou.

The conference is part of the 'Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project' co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme. It is also part of the measures taken by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order to keep its staff, and the public at large, informed to strengthen the prevention of radicalization, which is a key pillar of the National Counter-terrorism Strategy.