A sustainable Europe is only possible when the environmental, social and cultural objectives are well balanced against the financial and economic objectives. The role of creative and critical thinking, fostered by arts and cultural activities, plays a key role in building trust towards European institutions. The year 2018 was named as the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EY2018). Within the framework of the EY2018, CARDET and its partners were recently awarded a new Erasmus+ KA2 Youth project with title ‚ÄúDigitasization and culture for new generations‚ÄĚ (DiCultYouth).

The project DiCultYouth focuses on building synergies between the creative sectors of culture, education and technology aiming to boost the digital skills and employability of young people and to support education systems and cultural organizations to take advantage of new technologies. Cultural institutions have not been able to fully adopt digital technologies. This innovation gap has received little attention while the social expectation of heritage content positioned within the information economy grows. This gap in digital skills in the cultural heritage sector is the objective of our research in all five European counties. The project will develop a gamified online environment and an e-learning training course addressing the needs of young people. More details about the project will be announced soon.