The intellectual project material has been developed for adult educators working with migrants, refugees and diversified groups based on the digital, social and civic competences. The innovation is determined by the complexity of the intellectual outputs: the Assessment Model and the Training Program for adult educators based on Open Education Recourses and integrated into e-Repository. With these outputs the adult educators are entitled to develop their competences necessary working with refugees, migrants and diversified groups. The new learning methods suggest a new role for the adult educator as advisor, counselor, and facilitator. The intellectual outputs may be applicable not only in the field of non-formal adult education, but also in formal vocational and higher education training adult educators.

CARDET has implemented the DiSoCi program with adult educators in Cyprus. During the implementation, participants had the opportunity to look at the website, go through the assessment tool and its questions, and brainstorm through a group activity on several matters related with migrants and also adult educators. They also read and discussed the OERs and expressed their opinion on the importance of developing digital and social competence skills.

The training program is open and accessible to anyone interested through project's website