One of the DiSoCi aims is to increase the motivation and reduce disparities in the learning outcomes of migrants, refugees and other diversified groups by suggesting digital e-Repository of Open Educational Recourses (OER) for development of their competences in the following areas:

  • Promoting of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Promoting Gender Equality and Diversity in order to Protect Human Rights of Migrants and Refugees
  • Promoting Personal Development
  • Empowerment of Integration of Migrants to the Labor Market

CARDET has implemented the DiSoCi program with migrants, refugees and disadvantaged people, at the Agios Dometios Municipality. Participants have had an opportunity to look into the materials and especially the OERs, which they found to be particularly interesting and useful. Special emphasis was given on the OERs for “Promoting Social Entrepreneurship”, which was said to be a valuable resource for integration and development.