CARDET participated in the 4th project meeting and final conference of the TaSDi-PBS project, which were held in Split (Croatia) on the 7th and 8th June 2018. The project meeting focused on the finalisation of the “Instructional Guide on School-Wide Positive Behaviour Supports” and “Professional Development Teacher Guide on Direct Social Skill Instruction”. In addition, partners demonstrated the draft version of the modules they have developed on effective classroom management within SWPBS and some data of their case studies.

Teachers had the opportunity to explain the process followed in their schools regarding the system and described the activities they pursued with their students, the points that needed attention and how the SWPBS framework helped them with managing their classroom.

During the final conference, partners explained the SWPBS framework in relation to changing the social context of schools and also, provided an overview on their case studies and the most important findings, giving emphasis on the nurturing environment that they are trying to cultivate in school through this project, with the collaboration of other staff members, students, families and community. The project reaches its completion in the end of September 2018.