Services offered to a diverse pool of clients are:

Research design and implementation

As the premier independent research center in Cyprus, we offer research services to a diverse pool of clients. In-depth qualitative and quantitative tools for data collection and analysis are integrated to provide quality scientific results. Examples of research projects recently completed include a large scale study to examine the reading habits of young children, a study to examine the needs of youth migrants residing in Cyprus, and research conducted to investigate the trends of entrepreneurship among women.


Monitoring, evaluation, and needs assessment

Proper monitoring and evaluation are essential for the successful completion of projects. A recent example is CARDET’s three year contract with the Ministry of Education and Culture for the evaluation and monitoring of the implementation of the Zones of Educational Priority, implemented in 42 Cyprus public schools. Another example is the learning needs assessment conducted for the Cyprus Academy for Public Administration. The project identified the learning needs of all managers in the public service in the areas of leadership, management, and strategy.


Learning design & Curriculum development

With a core team of qualified learning designers we engage in curriculum design and development in a variety of sectors both for Face-to-Face and Online Environments. Examples of projects include the project Design-Practice and Social Electricity, for which we developed curricula and courses in the areas of green energy, learning design, and digital literacies.


Competency mapping

Following verified competency frameworks we engage in competency mapping and task analysis for identifying and clearly defining the competencies required for carrying out specific jobs. A clear example of this includes the project CATS (Leonardo Development of Innovation) during which we mapped the competencies needed in the green energy sector.


Strategic planning and visioning

Following our custom developed process for reflecting on the past, understanding the present and designing the future, we facilitate strategic visioning workshops and develop strategic plans for public and private organizations.


Project design and management

With a portfolio of more than 130 projects, we have core expertise in designing and managing projects in a variety of sectors, at a global scale.


Grant proposal preparation and fund raising

We have developed a network of more than 1000 organizations in Europe and globally, which we leverage to develop competitive proposals for grants and public tenders with a very high success rate in proposal applications. Funding agencies we worked with include EuropeAid, USAID, United Nations, European Commission, and governments around the world.


Innovation and technology transfer

CARDET is a social enterprise that has contributed to the development of numerous innovative ideas and startups. We recently completed a study in which we identified best practices in Europe of collaborations among academia and industry.


e-learning, gamification, and mobile learning

Developed large scale initiatives of e-learning during which we developed custom design learning supported with interactive tools, using gamification principles and mobile learning, delivered around the globe, both in education oriented and business oriented settings. A recent example is the development of the project Advocacy elab for World vision, with offices in almost 100 countries.


Dissemination and exploitation

With a large database of contacts of more than 10,000 organizations and experts, CARDET is the ideal dissemination partner with access to markets around the world. Our custom designed interactive dissemination tools provide individualized design and dissemination services to private and public organizations. We organize more than 50 events every year, host the Annual Innovative Learning Environments conference, edit a peer reviewed scholarly journal in collaboration with the International Council for Educational Media (Educational Media International), and publish an award winning book series.